3 Yoga Poses For Tech Neck

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3 Yoga Poses For Tech Neck. Thanks to this pose you can eliminate not only neck pain but also back pain. This relaxes your cranial bones making them twist and turn without much difficulty.

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Softens and releases the belly and thighs. Use your hands to lower your back onto the block so that it rests comfortably on your upper back. 3 Yoga Poses to Relieve Prevent Text Neck Dr.

These yoga poses and stretches will help to prevent and reverse the damage from slouching over to look at your screen.

Sitting at a desk all day poor posture and using a smart phone keep us perpetually slouched over. Breathe in deeply while twisting to the right side. This means rounded shoulders a forward head chest tightness and pain in the neck and upper back. This position is excellent to counteract the posture that most people hold all day hunched over a computer looking down which leads to tech neck.