Back Ache Yoga Mudra

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Back Ache Yoga Mudra. The back mudra is a hand gesture used in yoga that is believed to have healing properties. Vayu mudra Vata-nashak mudra and Apan-Vayu mudra are very much beneficial for this condition.

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Click the associated link below it for more back pain information and exercises. The word Kati comes from the Sanskrit Kati meaning Back part of the human body. Some of the other Yoga poses that are also recommended in alleviating backaches include Adho Mukha Svanasana The Downward Facing Dog Pose.

When muscles start cramping it can become very painful.

Back Ache Yoga Mudra- Yoga is a system of unique calisthenics and postures that helps you achieve mental and bodily direct and promotes wellbeing. Heals the bodily pain From neck to lower back and legs mudras are helpful in healing most kinds of body pain. As the name suggests the back mudra is practiced to relieve back pain. Ring and index finger are extended.